Panopto Event Capture

Panopto is the University’s chosen tool for event capture and is gradually being rolled out across the University.

For teaching block 1 and 2 of academic year 18/19 (from 22nd October 2018), automated recording will be happening in rooms 1L17, 2Q49, 2X242 and 2D007 (Frenchay Campus). Any teaching activity with the activity type lecture which is 3 hours or under will automatically be recorded, unless a valid opt out reason has been approved by the Head of Department.

Teaching activities outside of these rooms or inside these rooms which are not of the activity type lecture (3 hours or under) can still be recorded but the teaching academic will need to manually turn on the Panopto recorder from the desktop icon.

For manual recordings, you will only be able to record your events if the appropriate video and audio hardware has been installed in the room. Where the appropriate hardware has been installed, the Panopto software will have been installed on the main PC in these room. If you require details about which rooms have the ability to record via Panopto, please contact Room Bookings.

Please remember that in order for students to view your recordings (Automated or manual) via Blackboard, you must add a link to your Blackboard course.

Please note: Student Assessments are not currently supported in Panopto.

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