Move a Panopto recording

By default, Panopto recordings are only available in the Blackboard course that corresponds with the Panopto folder the recording was made in. If you have accidentally made your recording in the wrong Panopto folder, you can move a recording to a different Panopto folder.

  1. Access the Panopto cloud site via
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Enter your UWE login details and click Login
  4. Click Browse (to open the folder menu)
  5. Ensure My Folders is selected
  6. Click the folder containing the Panopto recordings you wish to move

example screenshot showing quick steps 4 to 6 above

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the recording to be copied
  2. Select the tick box (top left on the recording thumbnail) for the recording(s) you wish to copy.
  3. Select Move

example screenshot showing quick steps 7 to 9 above

  1. On the Move session(s) to page, search for the Panopto folder that you want to move the recording into. Either enter text to search or select from the drop down list

example screenshot showing quick step 9 above

  1. Once you’ve selected the folder to move into select Move
  2. When the move has finished, exit using the top right x
  3. When the move has finished you can close the Panopto cloud site
  4. You will need to re-create the links to the recordings you have copied In your Blackboard course, see our guidance on Linking to Panopto recordings from Blackboard

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