Automated Recordings

As of 1st January 2020, automated recording will be happening in the following rooms:

  • Frenchay (audio, screen and video): 2B020, 2B025, 3C001, 2D007, 2D067, 1L001, 1L017, 2Q049, 4Q056, 2X112, 2X242, 6X269
  • Frenchay (audio and screen only): 4B031, 3D006, 1N005, ECC Lecture Theatre
  • Glenside (audio and screen only): 1F011, 1H016, 1H039, 0SC014

Any teaching activity with the activity type lecture which is 3 hours or under will automatically be recorded, unless a valid opt out reason has been approved by the Head of Department

Automated recordings will begin 5 minutes after the scheduled lecture start time and will finish 5 minutes before the scheduled end time. Lecture theatres which are used for automated recording will be equipped with recording lights. When a recording is taking place the light will be red, amber signals that the recording is paused and green signals that the system is not recording.

Automated recordings will by default not be available (viewable) to students until 48 hours after the activity has taken place, allowing academics time to edit the recording where required before student viewing. After the 48 hour time period students will be able to see the recording via the Panopto cloud or Blackboard (if a link has been created).

Note: For automated or manual recordings to be viewable to students via Blackboard a member of teaching staff will need to create a link to the module folder where all the recordings are held (recommended) or a link to the individual recording.

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