Make a manual Panopto recording

Please watch the following videos provided by FET LIU, Panopto and the Learning Development Centre. With the learning & Development Centre training videos you may be prompted to log into Blackboard Train to watch the video’s – please use your UWE login details. Also please bear in mind the notes below:

FET LIU – Use Panopto to make a desktop recording

Panopto - Recording with Panopto on Windows or a Mac

Learning & Development Centre - Training Videos

Important points to note

  1. If you are using a PowerPoint presentation, the file must be saved to the desktop. If you open a PowerPoint file from any other location on the PC, the recording may fail to upload.
  2. If you are using TurningPoint in your lecture, you must open the PowerPoint presentation (from your desktop) from within TurningPoint, before you start Panopto.
  3. From the teaching room main PC, launch Panopto by clicking on the desktop icon.
  4. When prompted to log in, select the “Log in with Blackboard” option.
  5. Ensure you select the appropriate course from the ‘Folder’ drop down list - this relates to the Blackboard course that the recording will be available in.
  6. We recommend that you retain the date and time information in your Session Name to help identify recordings.
  7. It is recommended that you test your Primary sources (video and audio) prior to the start of each recording.
  8. If you are only intending to record PowerPoint, we recommend that you do not select ‘Capture Main Screen’.

    If you intend recording anything other than PowerPoint, including recording from a visualiser, please do select ‘Capture Main Screen’.

    Visualisers are accessible in secondary sources by selecting either the ‘Inogeni’ or ‘XI100’ option from the drop down menu.
  9. If you have ‘Capture Main Screen’ selected and also a PowerPoint presentation, the screen recording will capture the PowerPoint and your clicks through it. If you later want to remove slides, you will need to remove the slide from the PowerPoint presentation and also the relevant section in the screen recording.
  10. When you have stopped the recording and have uploaded the file, you will be taken to the ‘Manage Recordings’ tab. You can now log off / sign out of the PC - do not shut down the PC as this will delay the processing of your recording.
  11. In order for students to view your recording you will need to create an automatic Panopto folder or individual link within your Blackboard course.

    Note: Creating an automatic folder will automatically publish any recordings in Blackboard for that course. Before using this option, it must be agreed across the teaching team for that course.
  12. Recording lights installed in lecture theatres only work with automated recordings.

The Learning & Development Unit have provided a Panopto event leaflet and a Panopto event manual which you can download.

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