My Test Course

UWE have provided staff Blackboard users with the ability to create their own test course. This test course can be used to try out new content or Blackboard tools, or prepare course content in advance of module run courses being created.

Staff can have only one test course which will be active for one year. From 30 days before the course expires, until 30 days after the course expiration date, staff will be able to extend their test course for a further year. If not extended, the course will be deleted 30 days after the expiration date.

Once created, test courses are like any normal Blackboard course - all upload functions and tools will be available. The test course will have a standard template with Homepage, Announcements and Course Materials areas but you can redesign as suits.

The ‘My Test Course’ function can be found at the bottom of the Blackboard Modules tab.

example screenshot showing the My Test Course function on the Blackboard Courses Tab

Once you have created your test course, in addition to the above location, you will be able to access it from both the My Modules list on the Programme tab and the My Modules list on the Modules tab in Blackboard. However, as test courses are not guest access-enabled, they will not be accessible via the Course Search on the Modules tab.

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