Copying courses

See also: Copying individual items or folders

To carry out a Course Copy you need to be attached to both the source course and the destination course. If you need to retain a copy of a course locally, perhaps because a module is not running for a year, use the Course Export/Import tool.

If you are copying into a course that contains no content and your source course is already structured in line with your Faculty course template, it is advisable to remove all the destination course menu items to ensure the destination course identical to the source after copying.


  • Panopto recordings
    Panopto recordings are not included in the course copy process (If you copy Panopto recordings using the Blackboard course copy process your students will not have permissions to be able to view them). Please see our guidance on how to copy your panopto recordings from one course to another.
  • Online Assessment
    We strongly advise you NOT to include ISIS generated assignments or the Grade Centre in your Course Copy. Please see the note below on Online Assessment, Grade Centre, Assignments and Settings options, for further information
  • iSpring / Adobe Presenter / Xerte content
    If you have content that was created with one of these tools, please use the option ‘Copy all course content (recommended for users of iSpring / Adobe Presenter / Xerte applications’. This will ensure that any files not directly linked to from the Blackboard course are included in the copy.
  • Taught at site
    We advise you NOT to include the ‘Settings’ option when copying as this will update the taught at site to be the same as the course you’ve copied from. If you do accidentally include the Settings and the taught at site is changed, it will be corrected with the next overnight feed of data from ISIS.

QUICK STEPS: Copying a course

  1. Enter the Control Panel of the source course and select Packages and Utilities.
  2. Select Course Copy and the Copy Course page will be displayed.
  3. Select the Browse button to the right of Destination Course ID and a Courses page will be displayed listing all of the courses that you are attached to.
  4. Select the radio button to the left of the destination course and then select Submit.
  5. Choose which content you wish to copy by selecting the checkbox to the left of the content area / tool type. See note below about Grade Centre, Assignments and Settings options.
  6. Do not include ‘Settings’.
  7. Leave the default ‘Copy all ‘linked-to’ course content (Recommended)’ setting selected.
  8. Select Submit and you should then get a green success message.
  9. An e-mail will be sent to you once the copy process is complete. Once you’ve received this, enter the destination course and select the Refresh button. Your copied content should be visible.

example screenshot showing quick steps 3, 6 to 8 and 11 above

Online Assessment, Grade Centre, Assignments and Settings options

Online Assessment

We strongly recommend that you do NOT copy summative assignments which have automatically been generated through ISIS, between courses. Each module run will have the appropriate assignments fed through from ISIS into the Blackboard course at the relevant time.

Copying ISIS generated assignments may create duplicate assignments and associated grade centre columns (once new assignments have been generated automatically from ISIS) and may cause confusion for staff and students.

Grade Centre

Copying the Grade Centre is not recommended. However, if you make use of Tests or Surveys and wish to have them automatically copied AND deployed to their original content area, not just copied - or wish to copy across Assignments - you need to include the Grade Centre. If in doubt, do not copy the Grade Centre or contact Learning & Research Systems for advice.

Assignments are only copied if you include the Grade Centre and the content area in which they reside. As we do not recommend copying summative assignments, our advice would be either to re-create (non ISIS-generated) assignments in each course instead or to copy the Grade Centre and the content area containing the assignment(s), but to then ensure you delete any copied, ISIS-generated summative assignments that relate to the previous course.


Selecting the Settings option will include Web Links, Tool Links, Sub-headings and Dividers in the course menu, together with the course menu style and colour scheme. The remaining options under Settings will copy across choices such as Course Availability, the Course Banner, etc.

Copying Individual Items

Please note:

  • Avoid copying content between areas of the same course - best practice would be to use links in your course instead.
  • It is not possible to individually copy (staff) Contacts; this can only be achieved by using the Course copy or Course Export/Import process to export/import the Staff Information content area only.
  • If you copy an individual item that contains a link to a content collection item, the access permissions to the content collection item will need updating. Students registered on the destination course, ie the course you have copied the item in to, will not be able to access the content collection item until permissions are set.

It is possible to individually copy/move any items contained in the Content Areas of the course including:

  • Text-only items
  • Text items with attachments
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Learning Units

Alternatively, the Content Collection is a tool which allows Instructors to maintain and manage their course materials in one place, and to make a single content item or folder of items available in more than one course.

For further information on Content Collection, please see our Content Collection guidance.

For more information on the Export/Import tool, please see our Exporting and Importing courses guidance.

To copy or move an item

  1. Enter the Course.
  2. Open the Content Area which contains the item you wish to copy or move.
  3. Select the contextual menu contextual menu icon to the right of the item and select Copy.
  4. The Copy or Move page will be displayed.
  5. The Destination Course drop down list will give a list of all the courses you are attached to. Select the course you wish to copy the item into.
  6. Select the Browse button to the right of the Destination Folder and you will be presented with a pop-up screen showing the folder structure of the course you selected.
  7. Select the folder which you want the item to be copied into. Use the plus symbol to open nested folders.
  8. The Destination Folder field will now be populated with the path of the folder you chose.
  9. Select whether to delete the file from its original location once copied. Please note: Once you remove/delete a piece of content from Blackboard, we are not able to restore it for you. We recommend that you make your own regular backups of important work.
  10. Select Submit and you should then see a green success message.

example screenshot of the Copy or Move page

example screenshot of the pop-up folder structure

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