Copying courses

Please see the guidance available from the Blackboard Help website.

To carry out a Course Copy you need to be attached to both the source course and the destination course.

If you are copying into a course that contains no content and your source course is already structured in line with your Faculty course template, it is advisable to remove all the destination course menu items to ensure the destination course identical to the source after copying.

Important Notes

  • Panopto recordings
    If you have already performed a full course copy, which will have copied over the links to recordings into your new module run, then you will need to;
    • Copy the recordings to the new module run in the Panopto cloud - guidance
    • Create new links in your new module run to the copied recordings - guidance

    This may not be obvious to you because the links will work for you, if you are enrolled on both the old and new module runs (because you have the relevant permissions to view Panopto content on both module runs). However, for students on the new module run, they will be denied access to the recordings and will receive an automated email to this effect. Please refer to the Blackboard Guidance on Link to Panopto recordings from Blackboard for the instructions on how to set up new links.
  • Online Assessment
    We strongly advise you NOT to include ISIS generated assignments or the Grade Centre in your Course Copy. Please see the note below on Online Assessment, Grade Centre, Assignments and Settings options, for further information
  • iSpring / Adobe Presenter / Xerte content
    If you have content that was created with one of these tools, please use the option ‘Copy all course content (recommended for users of iSpring / Adobe Presenter / Xerte applications’. This will ensure that any files not directly linked to from the Blackboard course are included in the copy.
  • Taught at site
    We advise you NOT to include the ‘Settings’ option when copying as this will update the taught at site to be the same as the course you’ve copied from.

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