Using the Panopto recorder on a UWE student machine (via AppsAnywhere)

The Panopto recorder will be accessible on a UWE student machine from AppsAnywhere.

Note: The Panopto recorder will not be accessible from UWE Macs

Quick Steps: To use the Panopto recorder via Apps Anywhere

  1. Log into a UWE student PC
  2. Click the AppsAnywhere icon on the desktop or open a browser and enter the URL -
  3. When the AppsAnywhere launcher box displays, Click Open AppsAnywhere or Browse (dependant on your browser)
  4. Search for the Panopto App (the Search Apps field can be used to make this quicker)
  5. Hover the mouse pointer over the Panopto app
  6. Click Launch
  7. Click Open AppsAnywhere Launcher or Allow from the launcher box dependant on your browser
    The Panopto recorder will open please be patient while the application is launching and signing you in
  8. Check your login ID top right of the Panopto recorder

Note: Please check you userID in the top right of the recorder. It should say Blackboard/your user ID. This will ensure that you are recording to your account.

Introduction to Panopto for students (June 2022) - provided by the Faculty of Environment and Technology LIU (Transcript)

Note: If you are unable to use apps anywhere, you may be able to record using the Panopto Capture (browser) recorder

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