How to submit your marks to ISIS (mapping your marks)

Once all marking has been concluded and the marks and feedback have been added to the relevant Blackboard Grade Centre column, the final step is to submit those marks to ISIS using the grade mapping tool - this is known as 'mapping the marks'. At the point of mapping, the most recent mark for each student will be copied across into the ISIS Grade Centre column and will then be extracted ready for your faculty SAT to import into ISIS.

Important things to note

  • The points possible for your column of marks MUST be the same as the ISIS work item points possible. The Blackboard to ISIS extract does not extract percentages - it will always take the raw points behind the percentage.
  • An ISIS Grade Centre Column can only be mapped once
  • A Blackboard Grade Centre Column can only be mapped once
  • Mapping should only be carried out once marking is concluded
  • Where there are multiple submissions for a student, only the latest attempt which has been marked will be copied across
  • Marks (and feedback) should only be added to the Blackboard Grade Centre column i.e. one created manually by the instructor, or one created automatically by a Blackboard Tool such as Wiki or Blog
  • ISIS Grade Centre Columns are visible to instructors in the Grade Centre, but they are not visible to students in My Grades
  • ISIS Grade Centre Columns should not be edited by instructors in the Grade Centre
  • Once a Blackboard Grade Centre column has been mapped, any subsequent changes to the marks will not be copied to the ISIS Grade Centre column and will not be extracted to ISIS automatically
  • ISIS generated ‘assignments’ are not available through the Grade Column Mapping Tool but will be available via the Marking Tools.

QUICK STEPS: Mapping an ISIS Grade Centre column

  1. Enter the Grade Centre and add marks and feedback to the Blackboard Grade Centre column.
  2. Once all marking has been entered, select Course Tools from the Control Panel.
  3. Select Marking.
  4. Select Grade Column Mapping.
  5. Select the relevant ISIS Grade Column.
  6. All existing Grade Centre columns which are available to be mapped will be listed in the Grade Centre Column drop down. Select the Grade Centre column where you have recorded your marks.
  7. Select Submit.
  8. Select OK to the popup prompt.
  9. You will be taken back to the Grade Column Mapping screen. The ISIS grade Column and the Grade Centre Column that you mapped will still be displayed but will now be fixed.

example screenshot showing quick step 4 above

example screenshot showing quick steps 5 to 8 above

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