Guidance for External Examiners

There are a few different ways that External Examiners may be provided with samples of student work and marking done, including the External Examiner tool in Blackboard; directly via the Grade Centre in Blackboard; Sharepoint; hard copies in the post, or at the actual scrutiny day. This guidance covers samples provided or work accessed through Blackboard.

  1. Module Leader directs External Examiner to the Grade Centre to view the submissions and marking done directly

    If you have been asked to access specific student submissions via the Grade Centre, the guide below explains how to do this:

    How to access submissions and marking via the Grade Centre (as an External Examiner)

  2. Sample packaged and uploaded to the External Examiner tool in Blackboard

    If you have been told that a sample has been packaged up for you in Blackboard, you should be able to access it using the External Examiner function. The guides below explain how to access the tool and the samples you've been provided:

If you are a Module Leader looking to upload a sample package for an external examiner, please see our External Examiner guidance for UWE academics guidance.

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