External Examiners

External Examiners will be provided with sample packages (containing samples of student submissions; marking and feedback) and files related to any modules they have been allocated.

Please note that IT Services at the University of the West of England have developed some functionality for our academics to enable them to leave samples, files and notes for External Examiners through Blackboard.

Access to all student work which has been submitted online and marked using the UWE marking tools will be available via Blackboard.

For all other work our academics for will have the choice of making samples/files available via Blackboard, or alternatively the Student Administration Team may e-mail a link to a zip file; use the SharePoint website (for some collaborative provision); send hard copies in the post; or make these available at the scrutiny day.

For marking carried out using the UWE Online Marking tools or samples/files which an academic has chosen to make available via Blackboard, External Examiners will be able to access these packages directly from the External Examiners tool in Blackboard. See the External Examiner tool guidance.

This guidance is aimed at helping External Examiners with using the packages produced from marking carried out in Blackboard or electronic packages/files uploaded to Blackboard.

This guidance is for External Examiners and is about saving and viewing the package of marking they receive. If you are a marker and looking to create a package for an external examiner, please see our Creating sample package of marking for external examiners guidance.

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