• Programme Code: Y01E
  • School Of Health And Social Wellbeing

Programme specification documents

Y01E-4509.pdfValid: September 2015 - Current

C61142 Postgraduate Diploma Professional Development (Coaching Rugby Union)
Y01E-4623.pdfValid: September 2015 - Current

MSc Professional Development (Social Work)
Y01E-3917.pdfValid: September 2014 - Current

PG Certificate Professional Development (Project Management)
Y01E-4034.pdfValid: September 2014 - August 2015

MSc Professional Development(Social Work) V1.1
Y01E-4035.pdfValid: September 2014 - Current

MSc Professional Development (Practical Skills Therapeutic Education)V1.1
Y01E-4036.pdfValid: September 2014 - Current

MSc Professional Development (Environmental Health)V1.1
Y01E-4037.pdfValid: September 2014 - Current

MSc Professional Deevlopment (Psycho-Social Studies)V1.1
Y01E-4502.pdfValid: September 2014 - Current

MSc Professional Development (Coaching Science)
Y01E-3788.pdfValid: September 2013 - September 2015

C61142 Postgraduate Diploma Integrated Professional Development (Coaching Rugby Union)2013 Intake
Y01E-5118.pdfValid: January 2016 - Current

Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences
Y01E-3347.pdfValid: January 2009 - Current

Y01E-3486.pdfValid: February 2013 - August 2014

PG Certificate Project Management (Integrated Professional Development)

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