• Programme Code: C98M
  • School Of Applied Sciences

Programme specification documents

C98M-2431.pdfValid: September 2009 - Current

MSc Biomedical Sciences Approved via AS Field Planning Committee (10th Sep 09)
C98M-2432.pdfValid: September 2009 - Current

MSc Haematology Approved via AS Field Planning Committee (10th Sep 09)
C98M-2433.pdfValid: September 2009 - Current

MSc Medical Microbiology Approved via AS Field Planning Committee (10th Sep 09)
C98M-386.pdfValid: January 2003 - Current

MSc Clinical Chemistry
C98M-389.pdfValid: January 2003 - Current

MSc Cellular Pathology
C98M-390.pdfValid: January 2003 - Current

MSc Biomedical Science
C98M-391.pdfValid: January 2003 - Current

MSc Immunology
C98M-392.pdfValid: January 2003 - Current

PGCert Haematology
C98M-393.pdfValid: January 2003 - Current

PGCert Clinical Chemistry
C98M-394.pdfValid: January 2003 - Current

PGCert Cellular Pathology
C98M-395.pdfValid: January 2003 - Current

PGCert Immunology
C98M-396.pdfValid: January 2003 - Current

PGCert Medical Microbiology

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