Programme Landing page in Blackboard

What is a Programme Landing page?

example screenshot of a programme landing page

Blackboard provides students with a programmatic experience by way of a Programme driven landing page. Programme Leaders will utilise the Programme Landing page to highlight key contacts and topics that they want their students to see. The Programme Blackboard course will still be the repository for teaching and learning content for the Programme but the Programme Leader may choose to surface some of these elements on the Programme Landing page.

Any Programme which is using a corresponding Programme Blackboard course, will have a Programme landing page for the staff and students attached to it. Where a student is not attached to a Programme which has a corresponding Blackboard course, they will still have the My Programme landing page but without the Programme specific books.

What are the different sections?

Users can click on a section to reveal the content.

example screenshot of a programme landing page with the programme section expanded

The Programme section

This section is broken down into various books:

  • Programme Info - a high level overview of the programme
  • Contacts - details of contacts that the Programme Leader has chosen to display
  • Student Reps - details of the Students Reps who support the Programme
  • Careers - Useful information and details of the support available

Your Programme Leader may also add additional books with information of their choice.

If you wish to change the layout of the books from vertical to horizontal, click on the orange burger menu and select Horizontal Books.

My Modules section

This is the list of Current and Previous Modules that you are attached to.

Updates section

The Updates section will display any course announcements and twitter feeds in date order, from the last seven days.

The announcements can be from any of your Blackboard courses including the Programme course. Announcements will still be displayed within each individual Blackboard course.

The Programme Leader will choose which twitter feeds to display.

Assignments section

The Assignments section will display the next three upcoming assignment submissions that you have due in the next week. The Coursework area in Blackboard will continue to display any historic and upcoming Assignments.

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