Blackboard Course listing - Students

Course Listing on the Courses tab

The student course listing is split into two tabs: Current Courses and Previous Courses.

Current Courses

Current Courses are the current year courses that you have an enabled enrolment to. Against each course will be an icon to show the course availability. Where a course has not been made available, you will not be able to access it - please contact the Module Leader to find out when it will be made available.

If at least one of your current year courses has a Module Feedback due, you will see a column named ‘Feedback’ which will display a feedback icon - click on the icon to open the Module Feedback. Once you've submitted the Module Feedback, the icon will disappear. For more information, please see our Module Feedback guidance.

example screenshot of the current courses tab for students

Previous Courses

Previous Courses are courses that you have completed throughout your programme of study, or courses that you no longer have an enrolment to (your enrolment is disabled).

Please be aware that course instructors only have access to a course for 180 days after the course ends. Historic courses will not generally be viewed or maintained by the instructors.

example screenshot of the previous courses tab for students

Course access and referred students

Resit runs of modules will no longer have separate Blackboard courses created for them - the first run Blackboard course will be used instead.

During the resit period (from the first run field board date through to the resit run field board date), please be aware of the following:

If you are a referred student:

  • Your access to the first run course will continue.
  • Any automatically generated assignments for the resit will be in the ‘Resit Materials’ content area and will be prefixed with the word ‘RESIT’.
  • Any assignment submissions for the resit will be displayed on the Blackboard Coursework tab and can be identified by the prefix ‘RESIT’.

If you passed the first run and are not resitting:

  • You will still be able to see and access the course from your Previous Courses tab but with limited/guest access.
  • You will still be able to see and access your marks and feedback for Blackboard assignment submissions on the Blackboard Coursework tab. However, during the resit period, you will not be able to access MyGrades to view marks and feedback for other assessment types such as tests, wikis etc. Marks for summative assessments will still be visible in the myUWE Modules & Marks tab.
  • After the resit run field board date, full access to the Blackboard course will be reinstated.

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