Blackboard Course Content - Alternative formats

Blackboard automatically creates a number of alternative formats based on the original content. An icon is displayed next to course content and you simply click this icon to display a list of alternative formats to download. This function allows you to get prompt access to your resource in a format that suits your need. All students are encouraged to explore and use the alternative formats.

Getting a learning resource in a different format

  1. Navigate to your module and the course content
  2. Click on the A with an arrow to the right of the peice of content you would like in an alternative format.

    example screenshot showing the A icon
  3. This will open a new window where you can select from a variety of alternative formats:

    example screenshot showing the download alternative formats pop-up
    1. Tagged pdf this is a structured pdf that is more useable to some assistive technology.
    2. HTML for viewing in web browsers and on mobile devices.
    3. EPub for reading as an e-book on e-readers and mobile devices.
    4. Electronic braille - for use on electronic braille displays that work with BRF files.
    5. Audio for listening to a resource. Playable on any devices that can play MP3 files.
    6. Translated version this is a machine translation of the resource provided as an alternative to using Google Translate for example.

Further support

If a resource is not accessible to you, please raise it with your Module Leader in the first instance, in accordance with the guidance in UWE’s accessibility statement for the digital learning environment.

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