Uploading recordings to the Cloud

Video or audio files created outside Panopto can be uploaded to the Panopto cloud.

Once in the cloud they can be used for Blackboard submissions in the same way as a Panopto recording.

QUICK STEPS: Upload a recording to Panopto

  1. Log into the Panopto cloud via https://uwe.cloud.panopto.eu/ or by clicking on the Panopto Event Capture link in the tools section on the Modules tab.
  2. Click Create
  3. Click Upload media
    example screenshot showing the Create option and the Panopto Capture option
  4. Select a folder to upload the recording into
  5. Add the required file by dragging it into the box or by clicking the box, selecting and clicking open
  6. Click x once the upload is complete

Note: If you are uploading your media for an assessment you will need to submit this through the assignment mashup option in Blackboard.

Introduction to Panopto for students (June 2022) - provided by the Faculty of Environment and Technology LIU (Transcript)

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