The Coursework area

The Coursework area provides students with a complete overview of their Blackboard assignments including their submission receipts; their marks and feedback from instructors, all in one table view.

As soon as an assignment is available for submission, it will appear to you in the Coursework area. Whilst the assignment is available for submission, there will be a clickable link directly into the assignment.

Resit Assignments - during the resit period, only the students who are resitting will see resit assignments. After the resit field board when the module is finished and archived, any historic resit assignments will be visible to all students not just those who needed to resit. If you are referred but unsure whether you need to submit to a resit assignment, please review the Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

The Blackboard Coursework area ONLY displays online assignment submissions through Blackboard.

example screenshot showing Take Notes A to E below

Take Note

  1. The Assignment Name is a clickable link available from the start date and time, up to the end date and time. All times are UK time.
  2. The most recent submission made will be a link under Submission Receipts - from there you will be able to check the file(s) you attached.
  3. If you have made more than one submission to an assignment, you can select to Show Previous Submissions to see your earlier submissions. ONLY the latest submission made will be assessed.
  4. The mark is against the latest submission you made
  5. Any text based feedback from your instructor
  6. A link is provided to any feedback documents attached by your instructor plus a MartingRecord txt file.

Who to contact should you have a query

If you are unable to submit or experienced an issue - please call the IT Service Desk on 0117 3283612 as soon as possible before the submission point closes.

We want all our students to be able to succeed and so we want to support you if personal difficulties or circumstances affect your studies and mean that you may be unable to complete, submit or attend assessments. If this happens to you please contact the Information Point and we will give you advice and support.

Queries about your mark or feedback - please check that the mark in your MarkingRecord.txt corresponds with the mark in Blackboard. If there is any discrepancy or if you have a different query about your mark or feedback, please contact your course instructor.

Availability of information contained in the Coursework area

Modules which contain Blackboard assignments will be listed in this area if you have an enabled enrolment on the module. Even if your instructor has made the course unavailable to students, you will still be able to view your submission receipts, your marks and any feedback for the course assignment.

For students which have a disabled enrolment on a module which you made a submission to previously (e.g. you have since changed modules), you will be able to see the historic submission plus any mark and feedback given. You will not see any current/future assignments for that module.

It is your responsibility to download any feedback you have received through the Coursework area before your access to UWE systems ends..

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