Coursework Coversheets

For those modules included, you can download a Coursework Submission Coversheet to attach to your ‘paper’ coursework submission. The coversheet is provided as a pdf and is already completed with your details, in the form of your student number, and details of the coursework to be submitted. This information is contained not only in the details shown but also in the barcode that will be used to register receipt of your coursework by the Student Administration Team (SAT). This means that it is only applicable to you, for the coursework identified. Please check this information carefully before attaching it to your work to make sure you have attached the correct Coursework Coversheet. The only information you will need to complete yourself is the ‘Total word count’ and the ‘Total number of pages including this front sheet’.

Please note: The Coursework Submission Coversheet is not generic, it is specific to you and the coursework submission, which means that you must not share these coversheets with any other students nor attach them to coursework other than that identified.

When will I see the Coversheet?

SAT can release a coversheet for you to download anytime from two weeks before the scheduled submission deadline. You can download up to 24 hours following the deadline itself. You will no longer be able to download a coversheet once the 24 hour window has been reached.

It is advisable to download a coversheet in advance of the deadline in order to avoid any potential problems with access to myUWE. You can either print it immediately after download or save it to your computer to use later.

What is the word count policy?

The coursework coversheet contains a space for you to record the word count for your coursework. The word count for a coursework is set by the Module Leader and is recorded in the assessment profile section of the module handbook and/or in Blackboard. If you are in any doubt about the word count for your coursework please contact your module tutor.

You can find the word count policy on the UWE Policies website under Academic policies.

Logging of Coursework

The status of whether your coursework has been received will be shown in the main ‘Coursework Items’ table on the ‘Coursework’ subtab, under the ‘Status’ column. Your faculty will track whether it was late work.

If you have submitted your coursework but see the message ‘Your coursework is not yet logged’, this may be because SAT have not yet scanned it in. SAT staff will record this using the barcode identifier on the Coursework Submission Coversheet soon after the deadline. This may differ from Module to Module, depending on the volume of coursework to be registered but SAT aim to do this within 5 working days of the deadline.

Your coursework submissions will be visible up until the date of the exam board for the module so you can see when your coursework has been registered as having been received in SAT.

Please note: if you have submitted coursework and the receipt does not show after 5 working days of the deadline you must contact the Student Administration Team so that any possible errors can be investigated.

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