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Title: APM Project Fundamentals
Date: 01 Jun 2020


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All parking must be requested at least three working days prior to the course start date to be reserved. Any requests received after this time cannot be processed and the course participant will be required to cover the car parking fees in place on campus.
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If your course offers the option of UWE module accreditation, please indicate if you wish to be registered to complete the relevant assessment. Please note as stated in the Terms and Conditions of study that "students may withdraw from a module without academic penalty (e.g. loss of the attempt) on that module if withdrawal occurs within one quarter of the module's delivery period or before the deadline for submission of the first assessed element, whichever is the sooner". Likewise any student who has not registered to sit the assessment will not be allowed to do so by the same deadline.

If you would like to discuss this matter further or have your accreditation withdrawal/acceptance date confirmed, please contact your course administrator.

Are you applying for the UWE module accreditation for this course?
Please note that due to visa regulations, participants from outside the UK and EU will not generally be eligible to complete individual module accreditation (participants may attend the course for learning purposes only). Please contact the CPD Team regarding your situation if you are unsure before submitting your booking form.

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Payment can be made by invoice, cheque or by the UWE online store. After this booking form has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email of your payment details and instructions on how to pay.

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At UWE we recognise that your personal privacy is a serious and important issue and we support the principle of protecting privacy within the context of current UK legislation.

The University's privacy policy can be read in full by clicking on the following link, which includes our Student Data Privacy Notice.

This means that generally we aim to retain personal information for no longer than is necessary. We will periodically review and remove redundant data, for example where there has been no interaction with you for an extended period.

By submitting your booking form, you acknowledge the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with this policy. Though the policy has been developed to take account of changes, it is subject to change and any such changes will only be notified on this website.

The processing of personal data is regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Click the link below to view the University's Data Protection Policy.

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