What’s recently changed in Blackboard

UWE Blackboard is now on a ”Software as a Service“ (SaaS) platform - this means that our version of Blackboard is updated regularly without downtime, rather than an annual upgrade in the summer.

5th / 6th November 2020

In this release of Blackboard, an updated text editor is being introduced with numerous simplifications and improvements including:

  • A single menu to add content that automatically recognizes file types
  • Optimized experience for all devices and screen sizes
  • Better accessibility for both the editor and the content you create. Menus and icons have higher contrast, pop-ups are gone, and an accessibility checker lets you know about accessibility issues as you write
  • The ability to paste content from Word, Excel, and websites with basic formatting and easily remove extra HTML
  • The ability to paste a link in the editor and automatically embed videos and previews
  • The ability to display formatted computer code snippets

example screenshot of the updated text editor

Further guidance provided by Blackboard Inc showing a comparison of the functions in the old and new editor is available.

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