Blackboard Upgrade Information for Academic Staff

Following the completion of the Blackboard Upgrade, we would ask that Academic Staff now review their modules and take note of some important changes:

Quick check of the content in your Modules

Please make a quick check that your content is in your module and opens successfully. Any content (files and text content items) added during the read-only period will be transferred to the new system. Important materials for Resits and Exams have already been transferred. Other content not related to Resits and Exams (in excess of 1000 content items) will take longer and will be transferred as soon as possible. If any content is missing, please get in touch with the Learning and Research Systems team on 0117 328 5735 or email

It is important to note, that the transfer of course materials during the read-only period only includes files and text content items. Use of any tools, for example announcements, assignments, tests etc, cannot be transferred to the upgraded Blackboard as per the upgrade FAQ’s.

Released Marks

We are working through any marks released during the read-only period and adding them to the upgraded Blackboard as soon as possible.

Previous Online Marking and External Examiner Packages

Online Marking and External Examiner samples/ notes completed before the upgrade of Blackboard could not be transferred to the new upgraded Blackboard. If you need access to any of these we can retrieve them from the old system on a case by case basis. Please get in touch with the Learning and Research Systems team on 0117 328 5735 or email

Resit Assignments

Any resit assignments (or non-resit assignments) due to feed into Blackboard over the read-only period should be available in the Resit Materials area of modules. If you believe that an ISIS fed assignment is missing, please get in touch with Learning and Research Systems team on 0117 328 5735 or email so that it can be investigated.

Online Marking Tool

Following the recent upgrade of Blackboard, First Marking Only and Second Sample marking processes are available now with Double Blind marking to follow as soon as possible before the start of the new academic year.

If you need to double blind mark in the meantime, we would suggest using Spreadsheet Marking. Below is a brief overview of the process but full guidance is available:

  1. Module leader creates packages of student submissions (the packages can be given titles/description) and tells markers which packages (zip files) they need to download and mark.
  2. Each package contains the student submissions plus a spreadsheet for entering marks.
  3. Markers download their appropriate package from the Spreadsheet Marking tool and carry out their marking from the zip (if they wish, they can use the Offline Marking tool instead).
  4. Each marker returns their completed spreadsheet of marks and feedback files to the Module Leader or resolve marker.
  5. When marks are agreed, for each group of students, the Module Leader or resolve marker uploads a zip containing the spreadsheet with the resolved/agreed marks plus any feedback files (please note that these need a specific naming convention).
  6. When ready, the Module Leader or resolve marker, releases the uploaded resolved mark zips.

Course Menu

As part of the upgrade, all course menus will by default have a white background with black text. If you wish to change this, you can do this by following these steps:

  • From the course Control Panel select Customisation
  • Select Teaching Style
  • The course menu background and text colours can be set under the Select Menu Style area

Please note that buttons are no longer supported by Blackboard.

Logging in as your test student

Because of how the SSO (single sign on) function at UWE now works, when logging in as your test student, you will need to access Blackboard via a slightly different URL - please use instead.

Internet Explorer

The new release of Blackboard no longer supports Internet Explorer and therefore some functions will not work if using this browser. Please use an up to date browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. The UWE student desktops have been updated accordingly.

What has changed in Blackboard

There are a few changes and new features in the new version of Blackboard. Please see the What‘s changed in Blackboard page for more information.

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