Known issues in Blackboard

The following is a list of the main known issues in the version of Blackboard we have at UWE Bristol. These issues have already been reported to Blackboard Inc. If you need any advice or guidance please contact Learning & Research Systems.

Last Accessed dates

There is a bug which sometimes causes the ‘Last Access’ date in the Grade Centre and the ‘Last Course Access’ date in the Performance Dashboard to not update.

If you have any users that show no last accessed date, we would suggest using the various Course Reports (Control Panel > Evaluation) available to establish if the user has accessed the course content. Please note that for performance reasons, only the last 60 days of activity data is stored.

This issue has been acknowledged as a bug by Blackboard Inc and they are working on a resolution.

The Text Editor spell checker does not function correctly using Internet Explorer 11

When using the Text Editor spell checker through Internet Explorer 11, if you right-click on a misspelled word to check for alternative spellings, nothing happens, ie no alternative spellings are provided.

The workaround is either first to check your spellings in another text editor, eg Microsoft Word, or to use an alternative web browser.

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