Student Feedback Surveys

Student Feedback Surveys may be added to your programme or module courses in Blackboard for you to complete online. Your feedback is essential as it helps UWE to improve what is provided. Information gathered may be shared in Student Rep Staff Forums (SRSF) or Programme Management Committees (PMCs) and reported through University processes to make your experience better. All feedback is anonymous.

The Student Feedback Survey consists of set questions but Programme or Module Leaders may also add upto five additional questions of their choice. Please note, due to the methodology used, “Neither Agree nor Disagree” responses cannot be considered positively so will be regarded as a negative response.

Where do I access the Student Feedback Survey?

Your Programme or Module leader should let you know if they have set up a Student Feedback Survey for you to complete.

Student Feedback Surveys will sit in the 'Student Voice' content area which you can access from the left hand course menu. In addition, an announcement will be posted in the course which provides a direct link to the Student Feedback Survey.

QUICK STEPS: Submitting a Student Feedback Survey

  1. From the announcement, click on the Student Feedback Survey link in the announcement,
  2. From within the course, enter the left hand content area called ‘Student Voice’ and click on the Student Feedback Survey link.
  3. Use the radio buttons to select your responses and type your feedback in the free format text questions.
  4. Mandatory responses are indicated with an asterix.
  5. Select Submit.

example screenshot showing quick step 1 above

example screenshot showing quick step 2 above

example screenshot showing quick steps 3 to 5 above

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