Upload a CaptureSpace recording to My Media (discontinued from the end of July 2019)

Note: CaptureSpace will be discontinued from the end of July 2019 and this tool will no longer allow recordings to be uploaded. The application is being replaced by Kaltura Capture (available to be used on 1st August 2019).

In order for your CaptureSpace recording to be visible in your My Media area, you must upload the recording. You will only be able to attach a CaptureSpace recording to a Blackboard assignment submission if you have uploaded it to your My Media area.

When you finish a recording you are presented with the following ‘Upload Options’ screen:

example screenshot of the Upload options

Use the ‘Upload’ option to upload the file and once complete you will see a link to your My Media area in Blackboard. The file may take a short while to show in your My Media area - if it is not there immediately, check back after a short while.

You will be able to see a list of all your recordings on the Library tab in CaptureSpace. If a recording has not be uploaded to your My Media area, you will see a warning in orange text.

screenshot of the Library tab

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