Record a Presentation - CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder

CaptureSpace is a Kaltura tool where users can record video media using a combination of webcam, audio, screen recording and a presentation file.

Please note that in order for media recorded in CaptureSpace to be available in your My Media area in Blackboard, you must ensure that you use the ‘Upload’ option in CaptureSpace. For example, if you need to attach your recording to an assignment submission in Blackboard, the recording must be uploaded to My Media.

In order to use CaptureSpace, you will need to install the CaptureSpace software onto your computer. The process of installing the software is fairly simple and we have provided step by step guide on how to do this plus a short video.

  1. Installing CaptureSpace
  2. Using CaptureSpace
  3. Uploading your recording into My Media

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