Within a Thread

When a user clicks a Thread, the Thread page appears. At the top of this page users have access to the functions described below.

take note screenshot

Take Note

  1. To select/deselect all Posts (for use with Message Actions) select either the All or None clickable links
  2. Message Actions enables the user to Read, Unread, Set Flag, Clear Flag or Collect Posts.
  3. Expand all the Posts to see all the Posts content or Collapse All to display just the Post headings.
  4. Search all the Posts or Refresh to display default settings.
  5. Unread Posts are available here as a clickable link.

example screenshot showing Take Notes A to B below

Take Note

  1. The original Post in the Thread appears at the top of the screen.
  2. Any replies to the original Post in the Thread will appear underneath the original Post but aren't indented, subsequent replies are indented, relative to the post to which they refer (see arrows above).

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