Within a Forum

Within a Forum, a list of Threads is displayed. The following information is included for each Thread:

  • Date: when the Thread was created.
  • Thread title: this is a clickable link to the Thread and all it's Posts.
  • Author: the person who created the Thread.
  • Status: indicates whether the Thread is published, hidden, or a draft.
  • Unread Posts: the number of Posts not yet accessed.
  • Total Posts: includes both read and unread Posts.

example screenshot showing Take Notes A to F below

Take Note

  1. Use the breadcrumbs to navigate to a previous page.
  2. Check boxes allow for Thread selection for use with Thread Actions and the Collect feature. Select the box in the header row to select all the Threads in the Forum (and all the Posts within it).

    example screenshot showing a post which has been flagged

  3. Click the Thread title to read all the Posts.
  4. Subscribe to the Forum.
  5. Select the Search button to access the search panel.
  6. View Threads and Posts in either List View or Tree View.
  7. Edit Paging allows you to enter the number of items to view per page.

List View and Tree View

Once you are in a Forum, you will see all the Threads. The page can be viewed in either List View or Tree View. This choice remains in effect until the student changes it; it can be changed at any time.

List View

In List View, Threads are presented in table format. Threads containing any unread Posts are displayed in bold type. By default, List View will display Threads that are: published; locked; draft. Use the Display options to filter Threads by Status

example screenshot showing Take Note A below

Take Note

  1. Threads can be sorted by clicking the arrow at the top of each column. If the arrow is not visible, click the column name to access the arrow.

Using the Thread Actions drop-down list, students can flag important Posts and delete the flags.

Tree View

Tree View is useful for showing the post hierarchy, i.e. the relationship between Posts. Once in tree view, you will see the Threads with either a plus or a minus symbol next to them. If there any Posts within a Thread these can be made visible by clicking the plus sign. To hide Posts, click the minus sign.

example screenshot showing Take Notes A to C below

Take Note

  1. Use the Message Actions menu to flag a selected Post or mark it read or unread.
  2. The Collect feature is used to gather Posts onto one page where they can be sorted, filtered, or printed.
  3. Use Expand All to see all Posts included in all Threads.
  4. Click the minus sign to hide Posts
  5. Click the plus sign to show Posts

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