Replying to Posts

You can reply to posts only if the thread status is published. You cannot reply to posts in locked or hidden threads.

QUICK STEPS: replying to posts

  1. Access the Discussion Board and click on the link to the Forum by clicking on the Forum title.

example screenshot showing quick steps 1 below

  1. On the Forum page, click on the link to the Thread by clicking on the Thread title.

example screenshot showing quick steps 2 below

  1. On the Thread page, click on the Reply link for the Post that you want to reply - everything within a Thread is a Post - You can also Quote the contents of the Post to which you are replying. You can also Email Author directly. This will open up a new screen which will enable you to email the author.

example screenshot showing quick steps 3 below

Take Note

  1. Note - The Reply/Quote and Email Author links are only visible when you hover your cursor over the Post.


  1. In the new box, edit Subject, if desired.
  2. Enter the reply in the Message text box.
  3. To attach a file either Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection (this facility is not available if you are emailing the author).
  4. Click Save Draft to store a draft of the Post or click Submit to publish immediately.

example screenshots showing quick steps 4 to 7 below

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