The Discussion Board

Specific Discussion Board options, e.g. ability to create new Threads, post anonymously, delete Posts, etc, are controlled by the course instructors. For information on what features are enabled - and for directions on how you are expected to use the Discussion Board -  please contact the course instructors directly.

Depending on how the course has been set up, you may access the Discussion Board either direct from a link in the Course Menu or from a link within a Content Area.

In addition, special Discussion Boards can be set up for smaller groups of students by using the Groups tool. Group Discussion Boards are available only to users who are members of the Group. If a Group Discussion Board has been set up, access it from the Groups link in the Course Menu.

example screenshot showing Take Note A below example screenshot showing how to access Discussion board from Group

Take Note

  1. The instructor may rename the link. If you cannot locate the link to the Discussion Board please ask your course tutors for directions.

Alternatively if you have added the What’s New module to your Welcome screen or your Notifications Dashboard screen you will see notification of new Threads and Posts in your Discussion Board(s). Most courses also contain the What’s New module on the course Home Page.

example screenshot showing Notifications Dashboard

Each Discussion Board contains one or more Forums. A Forum is an area where a topic or a group of related topics are discussed. Within each Forum, there can be multiple Threads and within each Thread there can be multiple Posts.

Users can post a reply to an initial Thread or they can post a reply to a Post.

example flow diagram of a forum with multiple threads

The main Discussion Board page displays a list of available Forums. For each Forum, the page displays the total number of Posts, the number of Unread Posts, and the number of users who have participated in the Forum.

example screenshot showing Take Notes A to C below

Take Note

  1. Click the Forum title to view all the Threads and Posts. Forums containing Unread Posts appear in bold.
  2. View data on the number of Posts and Participants.
  3. The Unread Posts column provides one-click access to the Forum’s unread messages only. To access only the new Posts click on the number in the green circle.

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