Collecting Posts

On the Forum page, use the Collect feature to read multiple Posts from one or more Thread. Once Posts are collected, they can be filtered, sorted, and printed.

For example, a student posts a question to request help and seven classmates reply. The initial post and the replies can be collected on one page and printed.

QUICK STEPS: collecting posts

  1. Access the forum and select the thread.
  2. On the Forum page, select the boxes of the Thread/s you want to collect.
  3. On the Action Bar, click Collect.
  4. On the Collection page, filter and sort the Posts.
  5. Posts can also be printed from the Collection page

example screenshot showing quick steps 2 and 3 above

example screenshot showing quick step 4 and 5 above

Sort options for messages include the following:

  • Author’s Last Name
  • Author’s First Name
  • Subject
  • Date of Last Post
  • Thread Order

Mark options for messages include the following:

  • Read
  • Unread

Order options for messages include the following:

  • Ascending
  • Desending

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