Changing the Displayed Threads

The instructor sets the Thread status (published or hidden), but students choose which type of Threads to display. By default, published Threads are displayed.

In the case of drafts, these can be set by the student and the instructor.

QUICK STEPS: changing the displayed Threads

  1. Access the forum.
  2. Select List View.
  3. On the Action Bar, click Display to access the Thread status options.
  4. From the list, select the type of Threads to view in the forum.

example screenshot showing quick steps 2 and 3 above

Take Note

  1. Subscribe or Unsubscribe: when subscribed to a Thread, the user receives an email alert when a Post is updated or a reply is posted. The instructor must enable this function when creating the forum.

Thread Status

The table below describes the status settings for Threads.

Thread Status Definition
Published A Post with published status can be read and replied to by other users.
Locked Thread Users may read the Thread, but no longer edit or add posts.
Draft Thread A draft Thread is saved to Blackboard Learn by the author for future editing, but is not submitted for publication. It becomes available to other users when it is published.
Hidden Thread A Thread that is locked and not visible by default. Students may choose to display hidden Threads in List View, but may not reply to postings.

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