Panopto Changes 25/06/22

On the 25/06/22 Panopto will be making changes to their cloud platform. This will change how users access certain functions. Our full guidance will be updated from the release date. There are 2 key changes:

Create button repositioned

The Panopto create button, used to create and upload recordings will be moving from the centre of the top of the screen to the left of the screen above the navigation menu.


example screenshot showing the create button before the change

From June 25th 2022:

example screenshot showing the create button after 25th June 2022

The Create button will still contain all the functions previously available.

example screenshot showing the functions of the create button

Download Panopto option

User icons will replace text-based username and help menu items.

example screenshot of the search bar and the new icons for username and help

The download Panopto option will also be removed from this menu bar.

To download Panopto users will now need to:

  1. Click the Create button
  2. Click Panopto for Windows
  3. Click the Download Panopto button/Download installer button

example screenshot of the new create button

example screenshot showing the Panopto for Windows option

example screenshots showing both the Download Panopto option and the Download Installer options

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