Module Feedback Surveys

Module Feedback Surveys are automatically created in module run Blackboard courses on a centrally agreed date of 10 weeks after the module start date.

Additional guidance for Module Leaders has been provided by Student and Academic Services. If you have any feedback on the Module Feedback Survey process, please get in touch with

What is a Module Feedback Survey?

Module Feedback Surveys are a set of UWE defined questions to students, about their experience of the module teaching and delivery.

Module Feedback Surveys are created in module run Blackboard courses for students to complete. The responses can be downloaded by Module Leaders and published for students to view. The anonymous data also gets extracted for further analysis at UWE.

The Module Feedback Survey consists of 4 statements which students need to rate their agreement with, plus 3 free format questions - all of which have been preset by UWE. Module Leaders are able to add a further three module specific questions of their choice.

What students see

Once a Module Feedback Survey has been created, an announcement is posted in the course inviting students to submit their feedback. In addition, on their Current Courses list on the Modules tab in Blackboard, students will have an icon in the ‘Survey’ column to show that they need to complete a Module Feedback Survey for that course. If there are less than 7 days remaining for the student to submit, the icon is red. When the student hovers over the icon it will provide them with the percentage of students who have already completed the survey, and if a red icon, the number of days left to respond. The icon is a clickable link to the Module Feedback Survey and will only show to students if the course is available; they have not already submitted feedback; and the date is within the start and end dates for the Module Feedback Survey.

example screenshot of a student view of the Courses tab showing the Current Courses listing with feedback icons

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