Webcam Recording

This option would be used when you want to record a video using your webcam.

Note: the Webcam recording tool is only supported by certain browsers – we recommend Chrome or Firefox (Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari are not supported for this tool).

Files recorded will always be stored in your My Media area regardless of whether you are selecting the Webcam Recording option from within a course Media Gallery; from the Build Content Kaltura Media option; or from directly within My Media itself.

QUICK STEPS: Recording from your Webcam

  1. Select the Add New option and then select Webcam Recording.

  2. You may be prompted to allow access by Kaltura to your webcam and microphone – select the correct webcam and microphone - click Allow.

  3. Once your webcam loads, click the red circle on the camera image to start recording.

  4. Click the stop button on the camera image to stop recording.

  5. To play back your recording, click on the white forward arrow play button.
  6. To start recording again from scratch, select the record again button.
  7. To save your recording, select Save.
  8. The upload will start progressing.
  9. Enter a Name for your recording.
  10. Optionally enter a Description.
  11. Enter Tags. Tags are descriptive words which allow your recording to be searchable.
  12. Select Save - The option to add collaborators will also appear.
  13. Optionally add any required Collaborators.
  14. Select Go to Media to view the recording you have just added.
  15. Select Got To My Media to go to your My Media page.

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