Using the Collaborate function

By default, you will be the only person with permissions over your recorded content. However, if required you are able to change the owner of a piece of media, and add co-editors and co-publishers to your media.

Co-editors can edit media but cannot delete media or add new co-editors or co-publishers.

Co-publishers can publish media to their entitled courses or areas.

QUICK STEPS: Finding the Collaboration functionality

From within My Media

Note: If the media you wish to access is not stored in your My Media but you have collaborative rights on it, you will need to change the view via the 'View Media I own' drop down.

  1. Click edit for the recording you wish to add collaborate permissions
  2. Click the Collaboration tab

QUICK STEPS: Adding a Collaborator

  1. Click the +Add Collaborator button
  2. Enter the username (or surname to search) of the new collaborator
  3. Select the required permissions
  4. Click Add

QUICK STEPS: To view recordings where you have been added as a Collaborator

From within My Media

  1. Click the filter button
  2. Select either Media I can Publish or Media I can Edit

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