My Media

The My Media area is where any files that you personally add to Kaltura are stored. It is also where you manage/edit, publish, share or delete your media files.

My Media can be accessed from the top left ‘Tools’ area on the Blackboard Modules tab. It will also be accessed if you select ‘Kaltura Media’ under the ‘Build Content’ menu in any content area in your course.

screenshot showing the Kaltura Media link on the Welcome tab and on the Build Content menu

Take Note

  1. Use the Add New function to:
    1. Media Upload: upload media created and saved outside of Kaltura
    2. Webcam Recording: make a new recording from your webcam
    3. Record a Presentation: synchronise video/audio with a presentation file
  2. Use the Actions function to either Publish or Delete any selected media
  3. Click on the media thumbnail or title to view description and tags, or to share the media using embed code.
  4. Click on the Edit option to be able to:
    1. Edit Details such as Name, Description, tags
    2. Edit Options to enable / disable clipping and comments
    3. Upload Captions for the media
    4. Add Thumbnails
    5. Add Timeline to your presentation (for use with Kaltura Capture Space)
  5. Use the Delete option to delete the file completely. This will also delete any links to the file that you may have in your Media Galleries and disable any links to the file that you have in your courses. Deletion cannot be undone.
  6. Use the Filters button to change the media you can view within your MY Media menu.

example screenshot showing Take Note A above

example screenshot showing Take Note B above

example screenshot showing Take Note F above

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