Media Upload

This option would be used for media file that you have already created and have saved on your computer i.e. not ones created with Kaltura.

Files uploaded will always be stored in your My Media area regardless of whether you are selecting the Media Upload option from within a course Media Gallery; from the Build Content Kaltura Media option; or from directly within My Media itself.

QUICK STEPS: Uploading a media file from your computer

  1. Select the Add New option and then select Media Upload.
  2. Click on the Choose a file to upload button.
  3. Navigate to the file, select it and then select Open.
  4. The upload will start progressing and when complete will give you a green Upload Completed message.
  5. Enter a Name for your file.
  6. Optionally enter a Description.
  7. Enter Tags. Tags are descriptive words which allow your file to be searchable.
  8. Select Save.
  9. Select Go to Media to view the file you have just added.
  10. Select Got To My Media to go to your My Media page.
  11. Select Choose another file to upload a further file.

example screenshot showing quick step 1 above

example screenshot showing quick step 2 above

example screenshot showing quick step 4 above

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