Featured Media

Instructors can flag content in a course’s Media Gallery to be featured so that it will appear in the ‘Featured Media Gallery’ module on your course Home Page. Please note that the ‘Featured Media Gallery’ module is not by default added to your Home Page but there are instructions below on how to add it.

QUICK STEPS: Flag a Media Gallery file to be featured

  1. Go to your course Media Gallery area.
  2. For the file that you want to use, hover over the video and expand the options by clicking on the ... symbol.
  3. Click on the Featured button and the star icon will become white to show that it has been set.

example screenshot showing quick steps 2 and 3 above

QUICK STEPS: Adding the Featured Media module to your course Home Page

  1. Go to your course Home Page.
  2. Select Add Course Module.
  3. Find Featured Media Gallery in the list and select Add.
  4. Select OK at the bottom of the screen.
  5. A new Featured Media Gallery panel will appear on your Home Page - you may like to move its position (see Take Note A below). Any media that you have flagged as featured in the Course Media Gallery will be displayed.

example screenshot showing quick step 2 above

example screenshot showing quick step 3 above

example screenshot showing quick step 5 above and Take Notes A and B below

Take Note

  1. To move a course module, hover your mouse over the title bar until a four headed arrow appears to the left. Then drag and drop the module into position.
  2. You can have multiple featured media files and the user just needs to click on the thumbnail to select an alternative to play.

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