Using embedded code

The embed code for a recording can be found within the share functionality of My Media. This embed code can be used to share a recording via a HTML file or to embed the video into another product including Pebblepad.

QUICK STEPS: Accessing & copying the embedded code for a recording from within My Media

Note: If the media you wish to access is not stored in your My Media but you have collaborative rights on it, you will need to change the view via the View Media I own drop down.

  1. Click thumbnail for the recording you wish to access the embed code for
  2. Click Share
    The embed code will appear below the Share button
  3. Copy the embed code

image showing my media

limage showing where the code is after you click share

QUICK STEPS: Saving embed code as a HTML file to share a recording

  1. Copy the embed code for the recording
  2. Open Notepad from your PC
    1. Click the windows button
    2. Click All Programs
    3. Click Accessories
    4. Click Notepad
  3. Paste the embed code into notepad
  4. Click File and Save As
  5. Navigate to an appropriate save location
  6. Add a file name with .html at the end
  7. Click save

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