Kaltura (only available upto July 2023)

Kaltura will only be available until July 2023. Please see our Summer Updates 2023 page for more information.

Note: Kaltura has now been replaced by Panopto. Any new recordings should be made using Panopto. Kaltura is currently being used as a media repository for old recordings, however if any Kaltura content is required beyond September 2022 it must be moved to Panopto (and re-linked in Blackboard from Panopto) or re-recorded in Panopto.

My Media and Media Gallery

My Media is your personal area where any previously recorded media content is shown. By default this content is private but you can link to content in your My Media area from your course, and you can chose to publish your content to a specific course Media Gallery.

Note: Kaltura content required after September 2022 will need to be moved to Panopto and re-linked in Blackboard or re-recorded in Panopto.

Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content for that specific course. In order for media to be displayed in the Media Gallery, you must publish content in your My Media area into a specific course Media Gallery. Content uploaded to Kaltura is not automatically published to a course Media Gallery. In order for your students to be able to view and search this gallery, you need to provide a link in your course to the Media Gallery.

Note: Its is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox when playing back media from within My Media. Using other browsers may result in poor playback.

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