Kaltura allows instructors to upload video and audio content from their desktops, or create media using screen capture and webcams, for use in Blackboard courses or indeed to provide assessment feedback to their students. Uploads are converted to web-friendly formats on-the-fly and include support for mobile devices. Kaltura replaces the UWE Streaming Media Server.

Please note file uploads are limited to a maximum of 2GB per file.

Note: Kaltura is best used with Google Chrome or Firefox. Your web browser may require you to enable cookies.

My Media and Media Gallery

My Media is your personal area for uploading media content. By default this content is private but you can link to content in your My Media area from your course, and you can chose to publish your content to a specific course Media Gallery. Any content that you upload to Kaltura is automatically saved in your personal My Media area.

Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content for that specific course. In order for media to be displayed in the Media Gallery, you must publish content in your My Media area into a specific course Media Gallery. Content uploaded to Kaltura is not automatically published to a course Media Gallery. In order for your students to be able to view and search this gallery, you need to provide a link in your course to the Media Gallery.

Note: Its is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox when playing back media from within My Media. Using other browsers may result in poor playback.

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