Kaltura Capture - Record a Presentation

Please note that Kaltura CaptureSpace is discontinued and you will not be able to upload recordings made using this tool into your My Media area. Recordings should only be made using Kaltura Capture (see below)

Note: Please see the Kaltura minimum requirements needed to use the Kaltura Capture software

Kaltura Capture allows users to create interactive content, record presentations, record learning and training sessions and much more. Kaltura Capture is an alternative to webcam recorder but eliminates all java and flash dependencies.

In order to use Kaltura Capture, the user needs to install the software on their computer. Once the user has recorded their video, they need to use the ‘Upload’ function in Kaltura Capture to add the file to their My Media area in Blackboard.

  1. Installing Kaltura Capture
  2. Using Kaltura Capture
  3. Uploading your recording into My Media

For guidance on using Kaltura Capture, please see Kaltura’s Personal Capture User Guide and the Kaltura Personal Capture Recording Guidance Options.

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