Essential information for course Instructors

The list below is intended to provide Instructors with a quick point of reference about how Blackboard courses work. For more detailed information please either follow the links where provided.

  1. All Blackboard courses are based on module runs, programmes, or ISIS student groups.
    For further information please see Blackboard Policies and Processes.
  2. Staff and students are attached to Blackboard courses through ISIS, and this is controlled by your Faculty Student Administration team (SAT).
    For further information please see The feed from ISIS to Blackboard.
  3. Staff attached to module runs, programmes or groups become Instructors in Blackboard courses.
  4. Before students can see your course, you must make it available.
    For further information please see our Making your Course Available guide.
  5. Before making your course available, it is highly recommended you remove any empty content areas.
  6. You are strongly advised to retain local copies of all course materials; Learning & Research Systems do not offer any individual course content recovery services.
  7. You can use the Course Export function to create local copies of your course.
  8. Resits are now carried out within the first run Blackboard course. During the resit period, only referred students will be attached to the course - the students who passed will still be able to access the course but as a guest. After the resit run field board date, the passed students will have full access again.
  9. Courses now remain in Blackboard whilst there is a student with a live user id attached, upto a maximum of 6 years after the course start date. After this point, the course will be archived.
  10. Course quotas. Blackboard does not offer unlimited space for your files and resources. To ensure that Blackboard does not run out of space, we are obliged to apply storage quotas to courses and other content areas. The default quota for each course is 400Mb. In addition, each Field in ISIS has a Blackboard Content Collection folder created for it, with a quota of 400Mb which is independent of courses. Staff also have a personal folder in the Blackboard Content Collection in which they can store up to 40Mb of content, which does not count against a course quota.

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