FAQs regarding Blackboard and the Assessment Regulation changes

When can I start marking an ISIS fed assignment?

For ISIS fed assignments using the UWE marking tool, marking can only start once the 3 day grace period has passed. For example, if the deadline was 2pm on the 1st October, marking can start after 2pm on the 4th October.

There is now a Marking from column in the Marking Management list of assignments which displays the date and time that marking can commence.

Please note: if you are marking using the Spreadsheet Marking tool or the Grade Centre, you must wait until the 3 day grace period has ended. Students are able to resubmit as many times as they wish during this period and it should be their final successful submission that is marked.

Will submissions made in the grace period show as late?

Students who submit after the deadline but within the grace period will have no penalty applied when those marks are returned to ISIS.

Students who submit in the grace period will have no late warning flag on the student Coursework area or their Coursework receipt. Any late submissions made before 1st October 2021 will still show these late flags.

Please note that standard Blackboard functionality such as My Marks (for students) and the Grade Centre (for staff) will still indicate where a student submitted after the deadline.

Will extensions have separate submission points to the original deadline?

Yes, both 7 day and Reasonable Adjustment extensions will have separate assignment submission points in the Blackboard module and will need to be marked separately. This process has not changed.

When can I start marking an extension assignment?

Extension assignments (either 7 day or reasonable adjustment) have no further grace period after the extended deadline. Marking can start as soon as the extended deadline has passed.

How do I return marks to ISIS for extension assignments?

As extension assignments are not fed from ISIS, marks are not automatically returned to ISIS. Marks for extension assignments need to be given to your faculty SAT to enter into ISIS manually. This process has not changed.

When does the 20 working day assessment feedback turnaround start?

The 20 working day assessment feedback turnaround starts at the end of the three day grace period. For extensions, it starts once the extended due date has passed.

What happens for assessments that are excluded from the 3 day grace period?

There is currently no flag against work items in ISIS to indicate that a particular assessment is excluded from the 3 day grace period and therefore Blackboard has no way of automating this.

Any work item set up to be a full Blackboard assignment submission in ISIS, will automatically have the 3 day grace period added when it feeds into Blackboard.

For Assessments that are excluded from the 3 day grace period, the Academic Module Teams will need to edit the specific assignment submission point created by ISIS in Blackboard, and update the display until date and time to match the due date and time, thereby removing the default 3 day grace period.

The Academic Module Teams must make their students aware where no grace period will be available for an assessment.

There is guidance available on how to do this.

Does the 3 day grace period show in Blackboard to students?

No, the date of the 3 day grace period is not displayed. To avoid confusion, only the actual deadline is displayed as was the case with the previous 24 hour late window.

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