Local businesses invited to UWE for free taste of Europe

Issue date: 24 January 2006

tapas Local businesses are being invited to a free briefing at the University of the West of England on how languages or business culture briefings could help their business.

The event organised by the Regional Languages Network South West, (RLN SW) takes place at the University of the West of England on Wednesday 1 February 2006 from 9.00 to 11.15. RLN SW aims to help businesses use languages and business culture briefings in order to improve their performance in dealing with customers from overseas.

Dr Peter Gold, of the University of the West of England, who heads the regional hub of the RLN, says, “We want businesses to think about how languages or business culture briefings could help their business. By giving them a taste of a language and talking through with them whether learning a language or an alternative strategy would make most sense for their business where they will gain a better perspective on what their business needs to function well in an overseas market.”

Participants will start the session by seeing how much of a new language they can learn in 30 minutes! This will be followed by a discussion of language learning and alternative strategies and a taste of Spanish 'tapas'.

A half-hour briefing session on doing business in Eastern Europe, will be followed by a look at the value of such briefings for conducting business successfully in overseas markets.

This is the third free RLN briefing held at UWE for local businesses. At a previous session participants were invited to get a taste of the Orient with Japanese breakfast and a briefing on the business culture of China – both key trading partners for many businesses.

Peter Gold says, “These successful events were aimed at helping local businesses to bridge culture barriers and take advantage of trading opportunities with their international customers. They showed that taking a few simple steps to communicate effectively with customers from other countries can make a valuable contribution to the bottom line of their company. The same can be said of local businesses involved in the tourism industry.”

One of the participants at this event, Ian Hind, the Business Development Manager at AGD Systems Ltd, a Cheltenham based company which designs and manufactures traffic equipment said, “This event provided a valuable insight into the steps we must all take in establishing the appropriate language strategy for our businesses. It allowed the opportunity to see how a commitment of time and resource, whether internal or external, can reap huge rewards and allow business relationships to flourish overseas rather than to falter at the first Hello!”

Business interested in attending the RLN event on 1 February should call 0117 32 84321 or e-mail rln@uwe.ac.uk to reserve a place by 27 January.

See: http://www.uwe.ac.uk.hlss/faculty/news/rln.shtml for more information and registration form.


Editor's notes

The Event on 1 February will aim to answer the following questions:

• Can using languages make a difference?
• Is learning a language the best option?
• Why are business culture briefings important?
• Where to go for advice and help?

This event is FREE of charge but you are required to reserve a place by Friday 27 January 2006. If you would like to attend please contact;

Rose West
RLN-SW Bristol/West of England Hub Office
Room W55B
University of the West of England
St Matthias Campus
BS16 2JP
E-mail: rln@uwe.ac.uk or tel: 0117 32 84321

The registration form is also available - http://www.uwe.ac.uk/hlss/faculty/news/rln.shtml for electronic registration.

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