'Music versus Theory'

Issue date: 18 January 2006

iPod Christopher Norris, a distinguished Research Professor in Philosophy at the University of Cardiff will give a talk at the Watershed on Wednesday 25 January at 19.00 entitled 'Music versus Theory' as part of the 'Alternative Series'. This is a series of talks organised by the Centre for Critical Theory, at the University of the West of England which provides an opportunity for national and international intellectuals to present their thoughts on important contemporary topics.

In this talk, Christopher criticises the 'New Musicology', arguing that it risks devaluing music's unique power to combine sensory, intellectual and politically aware types of response. While the New Musicology offers some valid and worthwhile insights, it needs to have a more productive relationship with other modes of critical discourse such as Adorno's idea of 'structural listening'.

Christopher is the author of many books, including Jacques Derrida (1987), What's Wrong with Postmodernism (1990), Deconstruction and the Unfinished Project of Modernity (2000), and Truth Matters (2002)

Tickets priced at £6.00, (concessions £4.50) available in advance from the Box Office,
Watershed Media Centre, 1 Canon's Road, Bristol BS1 5TX. Tel 0117 927 5100.
For further information about the Centre for Critical Theory
Tel 0117 32 84321 E-mail cct@uwe.ac.uk


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