UWE appoints new Professor of Physiotherapy

Issue date: 10 August 2005

Issue date: 10/08/05

Dr Grace Dorey, who has carried out pioneering research work into the use of pelvic floor muscle exercises to help with male incontinence and erectile dysfunction, has been appointed as Professor of Physiotherapy (Urology) at the University of the West of England, Bristol. She is one of a small group of Professors of Physiotherapy in the UK.

As part of her new role, Grace will lead two Masterclasses for physiotherapists and nurses who have an interest in either male or female incontinence and sexual dysfunction at UWE in September, 2005. Application of the course content may be used and developed as part of the MSc Advanced Practice.

The seminars for health professionals will be based on her ground breaking research published in 2004. Through the research Professor Dorey found that pelvic floor exercises for men were highly effective in restoring erectile function and gave the same overall improvement rate as seen in a large trial of men taking Viagra.

In the trial the men were given exercises to perform and Professor Grace Dorey found that 40% of the men who undertook the exercises regained normal function, 35.5% improved, whilst 25.5% failed to improve. She also found that 65.5% of men with erectile dysfunction also had a dribble of urine after urinating and that this embarrassing condition improved dramatically using pelvic floor muscle exercises.

The research was conducted at The Somerset Nuffield Hospital, Taunton by Professor Dorey, a Consultant Physiotherapist.

Professor Grace Dorey says, “The results of this research showed clearly that pelvic floor exercises can be highly beneficial for those men with the motivation and determination to perform them. The Masterclasses are a way for us to pass on the benefits of these exercises to physiotherapists and nursing professionals who work with men and women who may be able to benefit from practising these exercises.”


Editor’s notes

The masterclasses will be held on 14 and 15 September 2005 at UWE, Bristol and are aimed at nurses and physiotherapists. For further details contact Celia.Maber@uwe.ac.uk. Tel: 0117 32 81161 or Fiona.Cramp@uwe.ac.uk Tel: 0117 32 88501.
The research: This research was part of Grace Dorey's PhD studies and led to the Award of Doctor of Philosophy. The trial involved 55 men with an average age of 59 years who had experienced erectile dysfunction for six months or more. The research team, led by Professor Grace Dorey, were Mr Mark Speakman, Professor Roger Feneley, Dr Margaret Miers, Dr Annette Swinkels and Professor Chris Dunn.

The men were given five weekly sessions of exercises with biofeedback and assessed at three and six months as well as practising the exercises at home on a daily basis.

The findings were published in a textbook for health professionals entitled 'Pelvic floor muscle exercises for erectile dysfunction'. Grace has also written a new textbook entitled 'Pelvic Dysfunction in Men: Diagnosis and Therapy’ and a new self-help guide entitled 'Stronger and Longer!’ for men to follow. Dr Kevin Foreman and Professor Dorey have produced a video showing how to contract pelvic floor muscles for men with erectile difficulties.

For further details of the books and video contact: Professor Grace Dorey: grace.dorey@virgin.net

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