Issue date: 06 December 2000

Pamela Enderby is to be awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science in recognition of her outstanding contribution to speech and language therapy and to rehabilitation research.

Pamela Enderby spent her childhood in the Bristol area. She qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1970 and gained a Master of Science degree from London University, whilst at Guys Hospital. She worked in Greenwich District Hospital as a speech therapist before returning to Bristol in 1974. She then began her long and outstanding career with the Frenchay Health Authority.

In 1975 Pamela Enderby became Head of the Speech Therapy Department at Frenchay. In 1983 she gained her PhD from Bristol University Medical School. Later she became a Fellow of the College of Speech Therapists and was awarded the Jacques Parisot Foundation Fellowship Award presented by the World Health Organisation, Geneva. In 1986 she became Head of the Frenchay District Speech Therapy Services.

Pamela Enderby’s work in the 1980’s led to the establishment of a computer based speech therapy management system. In 1987 she founded the Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit at Frenchay Hospital. Here she pioneered her work on the use of computerised systems for administering and monitoring therapy for patients with impaired brain function. This system is now in wide use in hospitals across the United Kingdom, permitting long-term studies of patients’ responses to treatment and allowing evaluations of the effectiveness of the services offered. Much of her research work has been carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Studies and Mathematics, at the University of the West of England.

In 1988 Pamela Enderby became a Research Fellow at Bristol University Medical School and two years later she was awarded the Fogarty Award for Research Studies, by the National Institute of Health, in the United States of America.

The year 1993 was particularly eventful for Pamela Enderby: she was appointed a member of the Order of the British Empire, and elected the role of Vice Chair of the College of Speech and Language Therapists. In 1995 she was elected Chair and guided that College through the process of gaining its Royal Charter.

In 1997 Pamela Enderby gained national publicity, following her victory in the European Court of Justice in a test case concerning the principal of equal pay for work of equal value. The Court upheld her contention that the work of speech therapists was of equal value to that of other health professionals.

Pamela Enderby now divides her time between the University of Sheffield, where she is Professor of Community Rehabilitation, and Bristol where she continues to be co-director of the Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit, at Frenchay Hospital. Her close collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Studies and Mathematics continues. She has acted on several Department of Health national advisory groups and was Chair of the Clinical Standards Advisory Group investigation into Outpatient Services. She is currently Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sheffield. Her current research focuses on the broad principles of effective rehabilitation, service epidemiology and outcome measurement.

The Honorary Degree will be conferred at the awards ceremony of the Faculty of Computer Studies and Mathematics at Bristol Cathedral on Tuesday 28 November at 2.45pm.

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