Issue date: 17 August 2004

ISSUE DATE: 17/08/04

Entering Clearing is not all doom and gloom. For some students it turns out to be the best thing that could have happened. A level results day is a testing time if you don't quite get the grades you need for your first choice University but entering Clearing is not a sign of failure, more a time to keep a steady head and reassess your choices.

Catriona Boe came to the University of the West of England via Clearing to study Law. Catriona explained "I did well in my A Levels but the grades were not quite high enough for my first choice university. I decided not to take my insurance offer which meant that I had to enter the Clearing system. It is a frantic and worrying time because so much depends on getting to a reputable university that offers the course you want. I had set my aims on becoming a solicitor so I called about six universities to find out what was available through Clearing.

"What appealed to me most about UWE was the fact that rather than commiserating with me, the admissions staff congratulated me on my results and put me in touch with teaching staff in the Law Faculty so that I could discuss the course. Some of the staff I spoke to at other universities were dismissive and didn't take me seriously until I mentioned what my grades were, two B's and a C. UWE however took a positive approach in that I could still achieve my desired job and going through Clearing did not mean failure. Staff spent time talking to me, explaining how UWE could help me achieve my desired plans. Even though I was offered places at other universities the UWE support staff and Law Faculty staff were so helpful, supportive and amenable there was no competition between choosing UWE and the others. This, coupled with the fact that the Faculty had an 'excellent' rating and a fantastic selection of law module choices, meant that I decided to study for a Law degree and was so happy with the course and support provided by UWE staff that I continued at UWE for my Legal Practice Course and I haven't looked back."

Catriona is now in her first year working with a Law Firm in Cardiff where she is undertaking a two year training contract. "Once this time is over I will be a fully qualified solicitor. I am currently working in matrimonial law and will also get professional working experience of various other areas of law during this training period. The course at UWE increased my confidence and provided me with the knowledge, legal skills and other transferable skills which have proved essential in my profession. I recommend UWE without any reservation. Top Uni!"

UWE's Clearing lines are open from Monday 16 August. Call 0117 32 83333


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