How to eat vegan on a budget

Issue date: 06 January 2020

Being vegan doesn't have to cost a fortune! We've got some great tips on how to eat vegan while keeping your finances nice and healthy. Whether you're living the vegan dream, thinking about going vegan or just fancy some vegan food now and again, these tips are for you.

To eat vegan on a budget, you need to do three things:

  • have some good recipes
  • know where to shop
  • get creative!

Fab recipes

  • For a yummy vegan breakfast, try gluten free oats with plant-based milk. Aldi's almond milk is only 65-70p and can last you a whole week, even if you use it in your tea and coffee!
  • Miguel Barclay's £1 vegan meals are easy and super tasty. You'll find the ingredients in most big supermarkets or local shops (try Scoopaway on Gloucester Rd or Better Food on Whiteladies Rd or St Werburghs).
  • The Vegan Society has recipes for 10 of the cheapest vegan meals.
  • Aldi is also great for frozen veggie burgers, which are suitable for vegans too. It's £1.30 for four and these make a really filling meal.

Essential tips for shopping vegan on a budget

  • Don't go shopping when you're hungry (kind of obvious but has to be said!).
  • Write a meal plan for the upcoming week with a list of ingredients you'll need and take this shopping with you.
  • Set yourself a weekly food budget and stick to it!
  • Always read the label as some vegetarian products are suitable for vegans too and they can be very cheap.
  • Go shopping at the end of the day when the supermarket is about to close. Check out the fridge and freezer sections for heavily discounted items and freeze them when you get home.

Getting Creative

  • Batch cook meals on weekends and freeze them for the week.
  • If your housemates eat vegan food too, cook together at least twice a week.
  • Spending a fortune on vegan fruit and nut bars? Try making your own with Wholefood Simply's easy and cheap Banana Bread Breakfast bars.

Did you know UWE Bristol has a Vegan Society? Check out their Vegan Society webpage.

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