An autumn to remember

Issue date: 20 November 2019

by Lydia Cerguera, BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing

The leaves have begun to blanket the ground on the walk into campus, the squirrels can be heard arguing over nut hoards high up in the trees, and the evening glow is creeping in earlier and earlier. It must be autumn!

Here at UWE Bristol, each of the carefully planned grounds are embracing all forms of wildlife as the colder weather approaches.

Throughout the next year we will be taking a look at how the local area changes with the seasons and how you can get involved during your studies at uni. We will be talking to Richie Fluester, our Grounds Manager, about the plans over the upcoming year and what his vision is for a greener campus environment.

The grounds at Frenchay consist of three pond areas, a meadow, the community garden, an orchard next to Wallscourt Farmhouse, a walled garden next to the North Gate Museum, plus a variety of peaceful seating areas throughout the campus.

These are really beautiful areas to explore, being abundant in species such as dragon flies, jays, robins, frogs, newts, and if you're quiet enough, you'll catch the herons and geese on their daily visits. A trip to the large pond near the entrance of Frenchay Campus, next to Mallard House, will even have see you being greeted by carp!

There are a few projects students can get stuck into immediately, such as the Community Garden at Frenchay. This, like all the gardens, is open to students all year round and offers the chance to get some gardening therapy in amongst the busy lecture periods and breathe in some much needed fresh air.

The Community Garden welcomes all students, regardless of gardening abilities, and runs sessions throughout the year on a Wednesday.

Another project we take great pride in is The Green Team, where anyone can sign up and take part in community-based projects within UWE Bristol and the surrounding areas, to promote the positive effect of green sustainability that Bristolians believe in. Plus, it's really fun!

Take this opportunity while you settle into the winter months to take a look around the campus, absorb the colours of fallen leaves, watch the birds collecting twigs and moss for their nests, while keeping an eye out for hedgehogs and squirrels preparing their warm dwellings. Enjoy the warmer moments when the sun reaches through the crisp air on those clearer days.

There's much to feel good about when walking outside, especially as the days shorten and workload increases, so take the time to stretch your legs and get some fresh air.

The campus is waiting for you!

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