Honorary degree awarded to Richard Barry

Issue date: 24 July 2018

Richard Barry

UWE Bristol awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Technology to Richard Barry in recognition of his contribution in the development of embedded technology.

The honorary degree was conferred at the Awards Ceremony of the Faculty of Environment and Technology at Bristol Cathedral on Tuesday 24 July at 17:00.

Richard graduated in 1996 with 1st Class Honours in Computing for Real Time Systems, since which he has been directly involved in the start-up of several companies and authored several books.

For the last fifteen years Richard has been developing, maintaining, supporting, and promoting FreeRTOS, a tiny open source operating system for microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are the hidden processors found in most things that are plugged in or take a battery, and as such, are found all around us and in all industry verticals.

FreeRTOS is the leading operating system for the huge global microcontroller market - in 2015 approximately 20 billion microcontrollers shipped globally, compared to 1.4 billion mobile phones, and 289 million personal computers.

Richard now leads a team working on FreeRTOS and Internet of Things (IoT) devices at Amazon Web Services (AWS), whom he joined in 2016 as a principal engineer. Richard also worked for an extended period in the aerospace and simulation industries as Head of Innovation at WITTENSTEIN Aerospace and Simulation.

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